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Sex...why we can't get enough, until we come home to love
There isn't enough sex to satisfy our need for love. But we keep trying to make it enough; because infatuation and orgasm do open a window into love. We involuntarily drop our boundaries and connect with somebody.

Somebody gets us! And that's the love we want ... but the boundaries automatically go up again. We're left wanting. And we Band-aid our dissonance, until it drives us to heal our wounds. Then we can share our nakedness as the best of who we are, to know authentic love--with sex as a byproduct, rather than a substitute. Other Books Available Now

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The Love You Want Is Authentic!

AUTHENTIC LOVE is my concept of love. It extends far beyond romantic love or even consummate love shared with a life partner. Love is everything good; it is the force for good. It is pure and resolute, with no self-serving agenda, with no degrees or deviation. It is passion and peace. It is responsibility and freedom, strength and tenderness, rock solid and transparent. It is defenseless and invulnerable! It is neither pride nor shame. It is fearless, unifying, compassionate, and healing. It is mine, yours, nobody’s, and everybody’s. It can’t be seen, or touched, or quantified; but it is everywhere. It is everything. It is the only thing that matters.

an excerpt from the preface of my upcoming book
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Love Yourself to THE ONE

One of the things, if we’re honest, standing between you and the relationship of your dreams is weight. And reaching a healthy weight is part of learning to love yourself well.

So, I’m launching ten tips.

Love Yourself to a Healthy Weight

One of Ten Tips:

Eat what makes you close your eyes to savor it!
This makes one bite worth three!

Here, I demonstrate with a white chocolate truffle. This is serious fun and serious love. Food is intended to nourish your body AND your spirit. So, be present and indulge yourself. You can swallow that bite whole, OR you can savor it.


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