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Jan Denise, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, author, and speaker

The only way for people to be truly happy is to align with their essence, which is love. Still they seek love, as if it were an elusive treasure outside of themselves, to make them feel validated and complete. They cannot find it outside until they have found it within.

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Experience Gleneden Retreat Center
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Read Jan's "Choosing Love" column in the In Jersey magazine EVERY month

Read Jan's "Choosing Love" column in In Jersey magazine EVERY month.

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You don't have to do anything to make yourself into a good and deserving person. You're already innately good! Dr. Christiane Northrup talks with Jan Denise, a nationally syndicated columnist who is the author of Naked Relationships and Innately Good. Learn how accepting your authentic perfect self can transform your life.


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Innately Good: Dispelling
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Overcome your worst fear—
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Endorsed by Harville Hendrix, Christiane Northrup, Jeremy Geffen, David Essel, and Ann Weber

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In Jan's latest venture, each note card, T-shirt, handcrafted gift, and piece of original art carries the sentiment and is shipped in a muslin bag hand painted with "the gift is love."

Naked Mail Naked Mail!

I smile, and cry, think harder, and keep writing . . . because of you. Thank you for sharing your heart with me — and allowing me the privilege of sharing it with others.

Love Is Some Kind of Anesthesia
I find love to be some kind of anesthesia, a rest from deep pain and suffering. I speak patience to my soul, and try to grasp that love is real, it is for me, and in this life. I practice invoking love, aligning myself with love, and being love. God thought of me, when you wrote the book ... I needed that like I need breath or water. I know what it's like to hold the broken, and now I know what it's like to be held. Regina

I get why we have a God seed
You taught me to stop fearing and love naturally happens. In return I gained a relationship with God. I never knew because I was influenced by religion. By what the Protestant Church said, Baptist from my mom's family, self declaring Buddhist. My long term BF in college a devout Catholic. Just lost until I started loving. I am abundantly blessed because of you. I get why we have a God seed. We are all born friendly and ready to be and give love. I love you and, Jan Denise, you were sent to me as my angel. Jasmine

Thank you!
I felt your thoughtful spirit and knew your heart in a very positive way, beyond the words in your holiday greeting. Your gentle awareness is powerful and empowering. I have sensed this in our friendship since day one when I read your first column in the Press and knew it on a rainy night in Spring Lake when we first met at your talk. We did not want to share our doubts and concerns during the holiday. Now that the worst is ruled out I can look forward to a positive outcome. Your Valentine event will be wonderful and may the Godseed concept bear much fruit. Lovingly, Mary Alice

People See Your Godseed
WOW, it's been ages since I last sent you an email. I think of you often as I walk "our" beach. Jan, I am so happy that you continue to grow in the gifts that God has blessed you with. Godseed, love it! I looked at your new site and have to say when I saw the mosaic "Tree Pose," I could see YOU as the subject matter; how I used to love to watch you take in the power and beauty of the ocean as you ran and walked in the waves on our beautiful beach, you were glowing with gratitude and love of life. So when I look at that piece, I don't see a "Tree Pose" at all, I see the mighty ocean, the warm sun, the sand between your toes and a woman full of life, love, joy and gratitude, I see you. God continue to bless you and Sam with His "seeds." Me Ke Aloha, Sandra
Note: To see the mosaic "Tree Pose," go to Jan's new website:

"Coming Clean" at Gleneden
It was most lovely, an angelic hostess and a magical property...everyone that attended is very special...each brought something wonderful to the table. ...a couple of requests came up, which I wanted to say no to, I hesitated, but stepped up and did! graciously and lovingly, THAT is progress! Always enjoy your emails and look forward to another gathering. You have created a beautiful sacred space. Love and blessings, Mickie

Let the answers surface
WOW! Where do I begin to tell you how very much I enjoyed yesterday with you and all of my new friends. Your messages continued to hit my heart. Throughout the day, I said to myself, there is a reason you are here, Janet. Read more

A new chapter within myself
Reading your beautiful work "Innately Good" again and loving every minute. As I journey through each page I feel I am reaching a new chapter within myself. A lot has changed in my life since first reading and I know that there is a reason I picked it up again. Read more

Listen to Christiane Northrup Interview with Jan
I just heard your interview on Flourish with C. Northrup. I made copies of the site for 8 of my friends to listen to since I found it to be very insightful. THEN, I found out you are our neighbor. I live in Gainesville. Thanks so much for such great perspectives. Tracy