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Sex...why we can't get enough, until we come home to love
There isn't enough sex to satisfy our need for love. But we keep trying to make it enough; because infatuation and orgasm do open a window into love. We involuntarily drop our boundaries and connect with somebody.

Somebody gets us! And that's the love we want ... but the boundaries automatically go up again. We're left wanting. And we Band-aid our dissonance, until it drives us to heal our wounds. Then we can share our nakedness as the best of who we are, to know authentic love--with sex as a byproduct, rather than a substitute. Other Books Available Now

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Love Yourself to a Healthy Weight, TIP SIX

Is weight standing between you and the relationship of your dreams? Reaching a healthy weight is part of loving yourself well.

TIP SIX: When you exercise, do it in a feel good spot! You’ll be more apt to do it!

PRACTICE: It’s important that you exercise consistently. And part of that is choosing a spot that feels good to you! If you love to be outside, choose an activity you can easily do outside, maybe in your favorite park. If you prefer to be inside, choose a space you love to be in–whether it’s looking out a window or at a piece of art that speaks to you. Play music, light candles, have a bath ready … whatever feels nurturing! Indulge yourself.

You CAN do this! You can LOVE yourself to a healthy weight!… More

Frog, Toad, or Prince?

You can’t really turn a frog into a prince. But you can mistake a prince for a frog! In fact, everybody is somebody’s prince! Don’t pass yours up because he doesn’t wear a crown. Some men have yet to realize their royal blood. You can’t do it for them; but you may want to offer them a kiss, without getting too attached. Others don’t strut their crown; because they have nothing to prove. Try to see past the green and the crown to what’s inside. What matters can’t be seen or touched. Don’t be fooled, though; as within, so without. Look for evidence of love!

~ Is he healthy and well groomed?
~ Is his home well cared for?
~ Is his mind nurtured by the truth?
~ Is his spirit free?

Every frog is awfully cute in his own right. Find one (male or female) that feels like going home, home to love.

Happy kissing!… More

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