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Sex...why we can't get enough, until we come home to love
There isn't enough sex to satisfy our need for love. But we keep trying to make it enough; because infatuation and orgasm do open a window into love. We involuntarily drop our boundaries and connect with somebody.

Somebody gets us! And that's the love we want ... but the boundaries automatically go up again. We're left wanting. And we Band-aid our dissonance, until it drives us to heal our wounds. Then we can share our nakedness as the best of who we are, to know authentic love--with sex as a byproduct, rather than a substitute. Other Books Available Now

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The One Rabbit to Catch

When we chase two rabbits, one gets away. Two of our favorites to chase are Elusive Love and Sex. Elusive Love most likely gets away. Sex is easier to catch, but we can’t quite hold on to it. Sex is on every corner, though; we can catch another! And in the meantime, we find another alluring rabbit to chase–Big Bucks, Pretty Hare, Smarty Britches, Mister Muscle, or Chocolate Mousse. Before it’s over, we may chase a whole field of rabbits and, with years of practice, cleverly catch them. But the one rabbit that can satisfy our yearning is Authentic Love. And Authentic Love, the most glorious rabbit of all, is nesting inside of us, just waiting to birth a life full of the most precious little rabbits we ever dreamed of.… More

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